How do I send emoji stickers and gifs inon WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Sometimes words are not enough to express what we feel, and we that's why we use emoji, gifs, and stickers to express our feelings through them 

Step 1 - Open whatsapp 

  • Click on the Whatsapp logo 

  • As you click, the app opens up 

  • Now click on the chat tab 

  • And choose a chat of your own choice

Step 2 -  Sending stickers 

  • There's a shortcut to send stickers on whatsapp 

  • Open a chat of your choice 

  • Now have a close look at the lower side of the chat 

  • There is a white space box, in which a small notepad sticky note shape icon is there 

  • Click on the notepad shaped icon 

  • That is your sticker button! 

  • You can send stickers of your choice now 

Step 3- Sending stickers 

  • On the chat that's opened, click on the white space 

  • As u click on the white space the keyboard opens up 

  • Now click on the world 🌐 icon on the left side of  your keyboard 

  • Now on lower side of chat, you'll see two buttons

  • Click on the right hand side button which is shaped like a  sticky note

  • That sticky note button is the sticker button 

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Step 4  sending gifs 

  • To send gifs, open a chat of your choice 

  • Now click on the chat box, the keyboard pops up 

  • Now on the lower left side of the screen there is a world button 🌐

  • Click on the world button 

  • Now on the lower side of chat has gifs button 

  • Click on the gifs button 

  • And now you can send gifs of your own choice 

Step 5 sending emoji 

  • To send emoji, click on the chat box to open up the keyboard 

  • Now click on the world button 🌐 and the page will take you to the emoji menu 

  • Now you will have list of emoji front of you 

Wow! You are learning everything about whatsapp so quickly 

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