How do I install WhatsApp on my Jio Phone?

You finally bought the value champion Jio Phone! Now all you want is WhatsApp to make full use of it.

We are here to help you with it!

How do I install WhatsApp on my Jio Phone?

Step 1: Find the Jio Store

The Jio Store is your Jio's supermarket from where you can download all sorts of applications and games to maximize the functionality of your shiny new Jio phone

You will need to scroll through your home screen pages to find the App Store.

Look for the icon shown in the picture below

iPhone 27.jpg

Step 2: Find WhatsApp on the Jio Store

Once you have found the Jio Store click on the social button in the top right corner of the screen as shown in the picture above.

Scroll down and select WhatsApp Messenger from the list below.

iPhone 27.jpg

Step 3: Download WhatsApp

Click the install button on the top right corner as shown below to begin the download.

WhatsApp will show on your home screen once it has installed successfully.

iPhone 27.jpg
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Step 4: Find WhatsApp on your Jio Phone

Once you have installed WhatsApp on your Jio Phone the WhatsApp logo will appear on your home screen.

Click on the WhatsApp icon (as shown below) to start the setup process

iPhone 27.jpg

Step 5 : Setup WhatsApp

To setup WhatsApp on your Jio phone,click open and then press agree button as shown below

Now input your phone number and select your country.

To complete the setup select your profile photo and profile name as shown below

iPhone 27.jpg


You have successfully installed WhatsApp on your Jio Phone!

Now that you have installed WhatsApp are you wondering how to message your friends??

Don't worry we are here to help.

To learn how to add contacts, how to chat with your contacts and how to use all the extensive features of WhatsApp you can check out our other posts here.

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