How do I delete messages on WhatsApp on my iPhone?

One of the most useful items is delete button it helps us to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings

Step 1 Open whatsapp 

  • Click on whatsapp logo and open whatsapp 

  • Now click on the chats tab 

  • And open a chat of your choice 

Step 2  Select the message 

  • You can select the message 

  • By holding the message / pressing the message you want to delete 

  • A menu will  pop-up on the top of the screen 

Step 3  Selecting the delete button 

  • As u press and select the message, menu pops up 

  • In that menu click on the delete mesage button 

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Step 4  types of deleting message 

  • When you click on the delete button 

  • A menu pops up, it has two options of deleting the message 

  • The two options of deleting the message  are

  • First - for you 

  • Second - for everyone 

Step 5  deleting message 

  • For you - means the message will be deleted only from your side 

The receiver will still have the text message 

  • for everyone - means the message will be deleted from both the ends 

  • After deleting the text there will be note written in the place of text deleted as -

  • " This message was deleted "

Congrats you're becoming an expert! 

Deleting text is easy, isn't it? 

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